4 & 5 June 2022 (10am-5pm)

Talentbank Career
Exploration Bootcamp

14 hours of employability content curated by the industry experts to help you gain clarity in your career exploration journey 

What will you be learning during the 2-days bootcamp?

Day 1

Welcome Note by CEO
Growth Mindset
Job Search Strategies
Mock Interviews
Personal Branding
Etiquette & Grooming
Communication at Workplace
Revealing Survey Reports

Day 2

Welcome Note by Track Mentor
Everything About The Job Role
What To Expect In The Industry
Potential Earnings In This Role
The Career Growth Potential
Thriving and Succeed In The Role
Climbing The Career Ladder
5 - 10 Years Career Outlook
Who Are Your Potential Employers

Land a Job

Perk #1

Increase your chance of getting employed instantaneously upon graduation


Perk #2

Gain clarity for your future careers, your physical environment, and your current state of health.


Perk #3

Let the industry mentor tell you what they will do if they were to start all over again as a fresh graduate


Perk #4

Supercharge your resume to receive more interview invitations from various organisations


Perk #5

Helping you get prepared for both virtual and face-to-face interviews, and learn how to negotiate for a better salary

Searching for Candidates

Perk #6

Understand what leading employers are looking for in a fresh graduate

(Based on the annual employability survey with 200 leading employers)

Best Practices

Perk #7

Learn job application best practices by your friends at other universities

(Based on the annual graduate survey with 20,000+ university students)

Personal Brand

Perk #8

Boost your personal brand on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Jobsbank

Please create a LinkedIn & Jobsbank profile before the bootcamp


Perk #9

Receive a certificate of completion after the 2-days career exploration bootcamp, and use it during your upcoming interviews


It has been a life changing experience for me. The elements of the leadership training workshops were highly beneficial and assisted me in reflecting on my personal development while enhancing my self awareness. All of the skills learned throughout this journey are highly transferable no matter what career you pursue. I am thankful to Talentbank for constantly guiding us throughout the journey. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested to become a leader.

Hoh Jia Da
Universiti Putra Malaysia

The two-day employability readiness workshop was truly eye-opening experience as Talentbank has given an insightful sharing to get the finalists readily prepared for the working world. For the students out there, you will never know how far you can go without trying out! Do submit your application now.

Tan Xin Min
University of Nottingham

Thinking back about the journey I had in the Talentbank Graduate Finishing School and wow what a unexpected journey it has been! Everyone that I have met in the program has taught me so many lessons and have impacted my perceptions on so many things. Every class was filled with insightful discussions, honest sharing and deep intentions of #growthmindset + care for each other; Thank you School of Careers for such an amazing program. Your efforts have truly been recognised and I hope this program continues to be #impactful !

Vivian Tan
HELP University

If you are looking for a program that could potentially help you to improve your employability, industry network exposure, and get a better picture of your career, you have to check this out. The Talentbank team helped me to learn more about my career and offered me opportunities to be mentored by various recruitment managers. The values that this program offers can't be found anywhere else.

Sam Chua
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

The Employability Workshop exceeded my expectations by a windfall! In a way only Talentbank could do, they provided holistic yet thorough guidance and feedback within a short time frame. I believe that all the participants found the workshop interesting and will have no problems in their next job hunt!

Crystal Chai
Monash University Malaysia

I learned a lot during the two-day career workshop that was conducted by them. I truly understand the working reality of the future. It really helps me think about my future. To have a recommendation letter supporting my dream job was something I could not imagine it. I recommend to all students in Malaysia to apply for this opportunity. It would really help you in the long run. Thank you Talentbank team for organizing this.

Adam Ramli
Universiti Kuala Lumpur MIDI

This Employability Workshop certainly gives an eye-opening session for me. The 2-days workshop have been full of insights and knowledge on the topics that students have been really keen on learning and grasp the idea on having good resumes, tips during interviews and more!

Eva Natasya Chloreg
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak 

This workshop is really insightful for me. It delivers the recruiting information that I didn't know before.

Chin Hooi Yee
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

After the workshop, I not only gained my career direction, but also gained excellent takeaways and call to action to enhance my employability.

Luenna Lau
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

The career tips provided to us were also much more detailed compared to other talks or workshops that I have attended. The career preparation workshops organized by Talentbank also provided us with valuable insights into the current job market. Through the workshops, I managed to better understand my strengths and weaknesses. Thus, learned how to develop myself further and how to leverage my strengths. The open Q&A session with Talentbank’s CEO was one of the most memorable parts of the workshop. It allowed us to bring up and discuss various problems in personal life or leadership that we may have. It was interesting to listen to the different scenarios faced by the others and insightful to receive responses to the topics that I brought up during the session. All in all, it was a wonderful and memorable experience. Thank you for organizing all this!

Mabeth Tan
University of Nottingham Malaysia

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